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European Union

Eastern Gianozia has not yet decide to either apply or not for entering the European Union. Anyway, Eastern Gianozia would gladly accept an aapplication from European Union for entering Eastern Gianozia.

Software Patents

Eastern Gianozia considers software patents as a major curse that will hinder progress and limit people's freedom

Eastern Gianozia People Republic Co. government salutes the vote that rejected (with 648 votes on 680) the awful directive proposed by the EU Commission in a rather weird move (to say it the diplomacy way). The joyous day will be from now a national holyday and the "Viale dei 648 voti del 6 Luglio 2005" (6th of July 648 votes avenue) will remember this victory.!

Digital Right Management

Eastern Gianozia considers Digital Right Management an abuse meant to force users to behave honestly not for the benefit of the society but for the profit of few ones.

This is why cheers anonymous dissidents that, in the night between May 7th and May 8th, put in action s smart and fun kind of protest named "Analog Restriction Management against Digital Restriction Management" in front of the booth belonging to a notorious, multinational, bug making corporation.

We offer here some photographical evidences of the action acquired by the Intelligence Service Dept. of the Eastern Gianozia People's Republic, Inc. . Please note that the full pictures "weight" some hundred of kilobytes each.

Protest site The protest, a shot Detail of the note Protest site after the action

Our well informed Intelligence analysis offers this interpretation about the meaning of the action:

The plastic goblets filled of water were meant to block the access to the booth in the same way that DRM will block the access to their (users'own) applications. The little coins referred to the "greed" of the multinational corporation involved.

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